Pre Registration Form for Upcoming On-Site Gun Auction

Conditions of Sale

  • The Management shall not be responsible for any accidents occuring on the premises.
  • The highest bidder shall be the purchaser and the decision of the auctioneer relating to all manners is final.
  • All merchandise shall be paid for by cash, Visa, M/C, or by personal cheque with the approval of the Management.
  • All merchandise is subject to Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and buyers premium
  • All merchandise must be paid for on the date of the sale
  • A receipt must be represented before removal of the merchandise from the premises
  • All Sales are final and not subject to conditions.
  • All merchandise is sold in an "as is" condition without recourse to the vendor
  • All merchandise must be removed on the sale date or otherwise by special arrangement with the Management
  • All merchandise may be inspected one hour before the commencement of the sale on the date of the sale.
  • All merchandise left on the premises after being purchased is left at the purchaser's risk and the movement of any merchandise is at the purchaser's risk
  • All goods advertised or displayed are subject to withdrawal prior to sale within the discretion of the auctioneer.
  • The Auctioneer may reject a bid at their discretion without reason or explanation.
  • Merchandise subject to G.S.T. where applicable.

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