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Specializing in weapons auctions, firearms auctions, and hunting equipment auctions, Landsborough Auctions is also your connection for local Ontario gun auctions, real estate auctions, antique auctions, and much more.

Your Source for Full-Service Auction Assistance and Appraisals

Landsborough Auctions not only delivers the best in online auctions but also caters to your full-service auction and appraisal needs. Anything you might require for a successful auction experience, we can provide including, but not limited to, computer management, set up, as well as open houses for all real estate auctions. For more information, please check out the SERVICES tab for all of your on-line auction and full-service auction requirements.

Family Owned and Operated, We Pride Ourselves on our Auction Experience

With three generations of fully educated talent leading the company and more than 44 years of auction experience invested, we pride ourselves on being able to provide the best auction and appraisal services possible. If you’re looking for a team to represent your auction, we want to talk to you.

To view and bid in our auctions please visit I Collector.

You can bid and search our auctions, as well you can search the past auctions and  find out what prices of guns and items have sold for in the past.

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 August 19, 2019, On-line

The following auction dates are as follows: 

September 21, 2019, Live and Online

September 22, 2019, On-Line

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